History is all you left me by Adam Silvera

History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

History is all you left me is an intense read. Beautifully written and completely absorbing, for just shy of 300 pages you are sucked into the grief of Griffin and the other characters and it is a painful but profoundly moving experience.

The grief is so visceral I actually found it hard to keep reading in places, as if I really were intruding on a deeply personal experience.

In spite of how much I feel this book is a very powerful and well written novel, I did have a big problem when reading it- I just can’t stand Griffin. Mental health problems and grief aside, I just think he’s a poor excuse for a person. He’s so self centred, egotistical and manipulative that I struggled with parts of the book which required you to be on his side. I was almost never on his side. Theo and Jackson? Yes, Wade? Yes. Griffin? Hell no. I have no time for people who have to make themselves the centre of every situation and Griffin was the worst example of this I’ve ever read.

I loved reading the “history” sections and adored Theo as a character which ended breaking my heart over and over again as I fell in love with him and then remembered his fate. The gentle unravelling of their history beautifully mirrored the stages of grief- at times it was confusing, then as you learn more its sad and then you feel anger. I really felt like I’d been emotionally through the wringer when I finished this book and any piece of writing that is so powerful it has that effect on you has to at least be given four stars. Unfortunately, my intense dislike of Griffin meant I couldn’t bring myself to award five stars. He just annoyed me so much and Theo, Jackson and Wade deserved so much better.

This review first appeared on Goodreads on 9th December 2017

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